Diabetes Diet: 13 Healthy Foods For Diabetics, Diabetic-Friendly Menu

  1. Low-Fat Dairy

Low-Fat Dairy

Low-fat dairy products are a great addition to any diabetes-friendly meal plan. Low-fat dairy products are low in carbohydrates and provide essential vitamins and minerals. Studies have shown that low-fat dairy can help to improve blood sugar levels, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and may even help to lower cholesterol levels. Low-fat dairy products are also a good source of protein and can be used as a substitute for high-fat meats. Additionally, dairy products can be a great snack option for those with diabetes. Since dairy products are a natural source of calcium, they can help to strengthen bones and teeth. Furthermore, low-fat dairy can help to reduce hunger and cravings, which can be beneficial for those with diabetes who are looking to keep their blood sugar levels under control.